Corporate Social Responsibility

For over a century, the Daimler group has been changing the way people move. The group believes that the concept of mobility can be applied outside of its business as well. The Mercedes- Benz brand stands for “First Move the World” and its objective is to be the leading vehicle manufacturer in the world. With this comes the obligation of the brand to not only look at moving people from point A to B, but also be concerned with Social Mobility.

MBRDI has aligned its CSR projects with “Social Mobility”. As a member of the United Nations Global Compact, our projects are fervently designed in alignment with the United Nations – Sustainable Development Goals.

Our CSR focus areas are as follow:

Road Safety

Innovation for Transformation


& inclusion

Daimler MobileKids is a road safety awareness program for children, running successfully in over12 countries. In June 2018, MobileKids was launched in India by MBRDI as our flagship CSR program. The MobileKids program is being implemented in 120 schools in Bangalore & Pune for children in class 4, 5 & 6. MobileKids curriculum is designed such that trainers are able to engage students in a fun filled age appropriate manner. The material addresses key aspects of road safety that are of particular relevance and interest to primary school children, and combines them into six modules.

  • Roads and its rules
  • Seeing and being seen
  • Out and About as a passenger
  • On the road as a pedestrian or cyclist
  • Beyond the road
  • Mobility of the Future

The ambition of MobileKids is to – create quality data on road safety –create awareness to bring in behavior change among children on the topics of road safety, accident prevention and  safe mobility so that they become a confident and independent road users and finally make cities and roads safer and sustainable.

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