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MBRDI, an Equal Opportunity Employer

A diverse workforce that takes along every section of the society, is non-negotiable to MBRDI, given the definite richness of perspective such dynamism brings on-board. And for that reason, we go beyond accepting differences in individual characteristics by welcoming it, and doing all in our capacity to progressively build an environment where everyone feels supported to bring their best to work, each day. We are committed to enabling equal opportunities, and to fostering an inclusive work ecosystem.

MBRDI remains dedicated to enabling everyone on the team to achieve their full potential by staying focussed fully on one’s merit, qualifications and competence, while championing ample learning and development avenues that nurture regular upskilling, for all. Towards strengthening our diversity and inclusion goals actively, MBRDI forbids discrimination based on age, colour, gender, gender identity or expression, religion, race, caste, disability, marital status, pregnancy or any other personal characteristics.

You’re encouraged to go on and explore the page, to know more about the nature of opportunities we have on offer, the hiring process, and the ways to go about giving it your best shot. However, rest assured, through it all, that we’re unwavering in our commitment as an Equal Opportunity Employer, since it’s just the right thing to do!

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The MBRDI Job Application Process

We appreciate applying for jobs can be rather anxiety inducing. But we do feel it doesn’t have to be so. Here’s a transparent lowdown* of stages your application progresses through.

This is for an indicative understanding of the overall application journey. Process may vary depending on department needs, role demands and skillset requirements.

Tips – How to make that lasting impact?

  • Punctuality matters
  • A little research goes a long way – do read all about MBRDI and the panel members should you have been provided prior information by the recruiter
  • Brush up on the topics your relevant to your candidature, and if experienced, make notes of pertinent experience that would win you points!
  • Stay on top of the Job Description whether applying or appearing for the interview
  • Make an impression – do dress suitably for the interview
  • Most important, wear that smile, and your confidence!

Checklist of things to do upon landing an interview at MBRDI:

  • As an applicant, your CV needs to be posted against a vacancy seen on the Applicant Tracking System
  • Carry your most recent resume, and ensure you are carrying identity proofs, or other pre-requested documents, with your passport-sized photograph, for the discussion
  • Do bring along your interview call letter, either in print or e-format, for the security personnel to grant you entry to the location
  • For security reasons, being an Research & Development centre, smartphones and laptops are prohibited
  • Personal laptops/notepads and smartphones will need to be handed in at the reception until you are at the MBRDI premises. These may be collected post the interview
  • We recommend you keep your family/friends and stakeholders apprised, before handing the above, in


Frequently Asked Questions: (FAQs)

Visit our In For Change page and look for suitable opportunities by keyword and location as well as position type or function. To sign in, simply create your user ID and password using the “forgot password” option.

Visit our In For Change page and look for suitable opportunities by keyword and location as well as position type or function. To sign in, simply create your user ID and password using the “forgot password” option.

Our current process enables you to attach your resume or CV once you build your profile. Once this is done, you can apply to multiple job opportunities at a time, suited to your skills and experience. The file could be in one of the following formats: Word (.doc), Text (.txt), Hypertext Markup Language (.html, .htm), or Portable Document Format (.pdf).

If you are a recruiter: If actively involved in the recruiting process and working with an MBRDI recruiter, then they can support with tagging your email address to your existing profile.

If you are an applicant: If you are not engaged with a recruiter, you would be required to create a new profile tagged to your updated email address.

Yes. You will get an auto-generated email to validate your details such your email address and other necessary details.

If you do not receive one, we recommend you check whether the email address mentioned on the portal is correct and check the junk and spam folders of your inbox.

If you have applied to a specific job, your resume/profile will be reviewed by a recruiter.


Screening for most positions is completed within the first four weeks after the position is posted. During that window of time, if you are chosen to be screened, a recruiter will get in touch with you.

All interviewed candidates will receive communication regarding the outcome within a month of their interview.

The volumes of applications received makes it hard to contact applications not shortlisted for screening or interview. However, candidatures are in our database so opportunities in the future may be pursued.

As a process, recruiters review resumes/profiles and respond to external candidates whose qualifications and/or experience best match the stated role.

To ensure you do not miss opportunities, keep your candidate profile updated.

As a practice, considering the volumes of applications received, we are unable to share contact details of company recruiters.

It’s always best to prepare notes of demonstrated competencies in the role you are applying for, and instances when you skilfully dealt with varied situations or challenges.

What also helps is an insight into how your manner of handling these situations enabled you to perform in your previous roles.

As a candidate, your consent is given by participating in a video interview using MBRDI’s primary video interviewing solution, like Skype or other similar technology. Live video interviews will not be recorded as it is against MBRDI’s privacy policy to record, save or share any interviews.