Mercedes-Benz Cars, automobiles that have captured the imagination of autophiles for over a century, is now – with its eyes set on Sustainable and Luxury mobility – set to take things to some never-imagined-before realms.

Fulfilling this vision are the talents of MBRDI comprising more than 6000+ engineers, who are at the center of strategic contributions in comprehensive spheres – right from derivate development to software development. Further, beyond the conventional areas of product development, the MBRDI engineers serve the critical function of strengthening areas of connectivity, automated driving and alternative drives.

The Mercedes-Benz Cars vertical is buzzing with opportunities that will define the Future of Mobility (including exciting roles as part of MB.OS – the future operating system, brain and central nervous system of any new Mercedes-Benz!) as we’ve known it. Why not explore?

About MB.OS

MB.OS (Mercedes-Benz Operating System) is a software driven holistic approach from embedded software development to IOT and intelligent cloud. It brings greater speed to new software development and deployment across ECUs and the cloud.

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