Our People

Meet our People

I work on the testing and validation of automatic transimission components to enhance the performance and durability of our cars.

Yuvraj Jadhav

Technical Expert Mercedes-Benz Cars

I work on the design and development of cooling system for Daimler’s first electric  truck ‘e center’.

Sakesha Keshava

Product Design Engineer Daimler Trucks

I work on the design and development of suspension components that helps eahance the comfort and driving experience of our customers.

Abhishek Gandhi

Senior product Design Engineer Mercedes-Benz Cars

I work on the digitalisation of product design through CAD system, which optimises the design workflow and helps Mercedes product reach our customer faster than ever.

Mehal Chhapia

Senior Consultant Mercedes-Benz Cars

I work in the release management team for Hardware and Software components of all on-board and direct chargers that help enhance the quality and usability of the Mercedes-Benz next-gen Electric cars: ‘Concept EQ’.

Poornima Prakash

Product Design Engineer Mercedes-Benz Cars

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