The Pride and Impact

Empowerment. Opportunity. Enablement. 

Words, we believe, describe aptly, the ethos and spirit of people practices at MBRDI. We did however look inwards – i.e., at our own people – to vividly offer a peek into what it’s like to work at MBRDI. Here are their stories. 

MBRDI – a place where my passion for ‘Safety’, meets our commitment to the idea as a company

Dr Avinash Penumaka 

Accident Researcher

Top notch safety standards for all road users the world over, and a vision of accident-free roads, are objectives driving every brand under the Daimler umbrella. By virtue of my own academic background, and after a six-year long career thus far at MBRDI, the passion for ‘safety’ only continues to seep in deeper into my own persona.

While my role involves carrying out sophisticated simulations and research to investigate accidents as part of the Global Safety Team, I feel genuinely privileged to be working here as my passion meets that of our brand’s values in the area of uncompromised safety.

It all began when I was left spellbound by the Mercedes-Benz Experimental Safety Vehicle (ESF 2009) at a conference in Germany back in 2009, while I was still a student in Italy. Cut to the present – as someone employed at MBRDI, who is also part of the core team behind our flagship programme ‘Mercedes-Benz SAFE ROADS’, I got to be up close with the latest ESF 2019 – a true reflection of futuristic mobility to my eyes, packed with a dozen plus revolutionary safety features. From admiring an older model all those years back from afar, to being a part of the core team that brought its latest version to India through first-hand involvement in organising the bi-annual International Summit, the journey has clearly been nothing short of a dream-come-true for me.

Right from my Day 1 here (since 2015, when the programme commenced), I had to chance to do my part in enabling the company’s noble goal of accident-free driving. Through physical demonstrations, roadshows, safety summits with global and local experts, SAFE ROADS Summit impacts thousands of people all over the country, right from decision-makers, to safety experts and the citizens.

I’m only glad the company’s steps towards road safety comes from a place of a sincere desire to make that last-mile impact, and I for my part, receive relevant support to go beyond the scope of accident research, to making that difference so we may prevent them altogether. 

MBRDI is all about a can-do vibe and is an enabling canvas of possibilities for those who persist!

Sanjib Ghosh 

Sr Program Manager

From having begun as an intern almost 18 years ago, to leading a 17-member talented team today that fulfils the mandate of creating Mercedes-Benz passenger car apps, mine surely has been one wholesome professional journey. Beyond the longstanding association, I’d say I’ve grown along with organisation. 

What I love about working here is, I can look beyond my role, or skillset. For instance, while working on the IT apps team, I participated in one of the company hackathons. On one occasion, I made it as a runner-up which took me to the Headquarters in Stuttgart for a global event to present my idea. And now the idea is almost a reality.

That’s not all, I’ve now progressed to organising Hackathons for college students by officially liaising with Daimler’s global Innovation wing at the HQ in Germany. That is something of a “coming a full circle” tale right there. In unequivocal terms, Innovation holds a paramount place at MBRDI and a sense of initiative receives staunch backing here, as well.

In every aspect of work at MBRDI, I have personally sensed a “can-do” spirit across the board. Whether it is in the area of support my own ideas have received from the higher-ups, or in the cooperation from stakeholders who’ve readily collaborated with me in making them come alive, I’ve seen that you have only to persistently ask, and the ecosystem here, zealously enables.