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STARTUP AUTOBAHN, is an innovation platform that moderates in-depth and curated collaboration between potential startups and Daimler. Following its launch in 2016 by Daimler at Stuttgart, Germany, the platform expanded to Singapore the same year, China in 2017, and to India in 2018.

Mercedes-Benz Research & Development India (MBRDI), Daimler’s largest development center outside of Germany, will manage STARTUP AUTHOBAHN India operations. Our objective is to identify potential start-ups that have the ability to solve our specific business problems through innovative solutions. Twice every year, STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA will hold a ‘Selection Day’ in the run up to a three-month program to create Proof of Concepts, followed by an ‘EXPO Day’.

The Selection Day, organized by MBRDI in association with Deloitte India, aims to find the top startups in technology areas. The selected startups will get the opportunity to create Proof of Concepts of their innovative tech-enabled solutions to our specific business problems.

The EXPO Day will provide a platform for the selected startups to showcase their Proof of Concepts and to seek an opportunity to collaborate further with MBRDI to develop and scale the solution.

Previous Batches


We are an applied physics and mathematics consultancy that specializes in modeling and simulation services. Modeling and simulation provide insight into various processes and products, allowing you to improve and optimize them.

We are an Engineering Software company working in CAD/PLM, Mathematical, Algorithmic software development since 2000. We take pride in working with R&D and Engineering teams of our clients and delivering solutions to their complex problems. We offer a complete range of solutions from developing a critical piece of software technology to developing a full fledged software solution

Simulanis is a multi-award winning XR technology company dedicated to delivering excellence in creating some of the most engaging, interactive and immersive AR-VR applications. We started back in November 2013, and have been pioneering the application of AR-VR-MR / XR technologies…

ACRi is a leading high technology company specialized in Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) software and consulting services. Founded in 1979, we are one of the most experienced players in the CFD field.

iSenses a machine intelligence company, providing real time Machine Vision (MV) and Automatic System Recognition (ASR) products to its customers. It has a flagship product called Drishti. It has features such as, active detection, adaptive tracking, learning, classification, characterization, and recognition of multiple obstructions (MOT) in the path of a vehicle; night time “per se”.


Fluid AI was founded by Raghav and Abhinav Aggarwal, headquartered in Mumbai, India. Neither of them are trained techies but their passion for coding and innovation led them to build one of the most exciting startups in India. They were a part of the Forbes 30 under 30 Asia list for 2017 and Fortune 40 under 40 India list for 2018. 

Kluarc is the one stop for all things in the 3rd dimension, aiming to make augmented reality the definition of reality. We rely on the principle of locking digital content to physical spaces and mixing them to produce a very new kind of experience of space for project delivery and communication to our customers.

Get My Parking is an award-winning provider of Interoperable Digital Parking Platform that integrates any parking equipment and connects it to mobile and cloud for a standardized seamless experience. It enables parking operators and owners to leapfrog to a customized white-label solution with their existing equipment.

Flutura Decision Sciences and Analytics is an Industrial AI company that focuses on impacting outcomes in the Energy & Engineering sectors. Flutura was ranked No 1 by Gartner based on customer feedback program called Peerinsights in the IoT platforms category.


Are you a startup working on hard- or soft- ware solutions for mobility, production, or enterprise? Interested in getting a chance to implement your products and work with one of our industry-leading partners?


A platform to present your ideas and interact with Daimler Executives while having the opportunitySTARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA is the digital ecosystem to solve Daimler’s global business challenges. It empowers innovators & startups/tech companies with ongoing business challenges across multiple sectors. Participants as startups, developers, tech companies, academics and creators globally are invited to participate. You can use any emerging technologies like AI, Machine Learning, AR/VR, Big Data Analytics, IoT, Cloud etc to solve the business challenges.

You must have a compelling proposal to solve the business problem and willingness to create a Minimum Viable Product and if selected should be willing to work with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA to execute the proposed solution. You can build relevant web or mobile applications in the language and platform and hardware of your choice. You can propose off the shelf solution if it exists. The solution should be a working prototype which addresses the core of the business challenge and you may participate in one or more of the business challenges and build something innovative and unique!

Teams can apply online here. There are no application fees.

All shortlisted teams will receive an email communicating their selection for the next round.
Please connect on the contact email given below for getting the detailed T&C document.
Post the submission of proposals the 1st shortlist will be announced by Oct-mid.
You can connect with us at – startup-autobahn-india@daimler.com. If you have any further queries will request you to join the webinar with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA team weekly on every Wednesday as per the schedule which will be displayed on this website.

Yes if the POC is successful then we can discuss the commercial model. Definitely licensing is one option.

Selected teams get an opportunity to do join an elite list of finalists and do a prototype in the 1st stage & if the prototype is accepted then they may be awarded a commercial contract to do PoC in a brand or geography or domain with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA. If PoC is successful then there is an opportunity to commercially scale the solution to Daimler’s markets. STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA is looking for Deep and emerging tech companies who can help solve challenges in areas of consumer, Go-to-market, organization, innovation & operations.

No. You have to arrange your travel. But it will be a great opportunity for you to meet the senior management team & Brand teams of STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA in one location.with STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA. If PoC is successful then there is an opportunity to commercially scale the solution to Daimler’s markets. STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA is looking for Deep and emerging tech companies who can help solve challenges in areas of consumer, Go-to-market, organization, innovation & operations.

Team size can vary from one to five members. All members must register and RSVP for the event.

You are encouraged to use any 3rd party services, APIs, open source projects, libraries, hardware and frameworks as long as they are publicly available on the web.

This is an ongoing challenge wherein STARTUP AUTOBAHN INDIA will share key business challenges for partnering and co-innovating with external community globally. For the given set of challenges, we have started the scouting process and would have the selection day in February 2019 for the shortlisted startups.


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